4 Reasons Why Events Work


    There’s little doubt that events can help brands connect with their audience. This seems even more pertinent in the current and often impersonal digital age, where customers are demanding more authentic and real world connections.

    So here’s four good reasons why event marketing really works and should be at the top of a brands ‘to-do’ list:

    1. With the ‘internet of things’ offering disruption on a daily basis and leading to more and more traditional job losses, people are increasingly looking for experiences over material things. By immersing your customers in unique, exciting and personal experiences, they will remember your brand forever. It’s no surprise that engaged customers post, share and talk about their experiences with others. And as countless peer-to-peer websites have proven, the best marketers for your brand, are your customers.

    2. A well thought out and produced event allows your brand to get intimate with customers and create moments. There’s nothing more impactful than standing side by side with a client at a workshop, seminar or product activation, as they experience your product or service hands on and talk with you in person. This is a unique opportunity to engage with clients in a personal setting and share details and insights that often isn’t possible online.

    3. Special events give you a platform to tell your story. They also allow people to experience your brand values first hand as well as let them get to know the people behind the brand. Events can allow you a special opportunity to create stronger relationships by spending time together. As the popular sales mantra goes, ‘fact’s tell, but stories sell’. This alone can grow your business.

    4. Events are the perfect blender for collaborations. There’s increasing research to show that customers prefer brands that care about society and give back. As a result, many brands are engaging with charities that are aligned with their brand identity. Managed properly, partnering your event with a charity can help create a buzz and also attract media attention – a win-win for everyone involved.

    In summary, events should be part of every savvy marketer’s integrated marketing strategy, complete with targeted goals and clear messaging. Even if you produce just one or two awesome events a year, this can increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

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