6 Ways To Remove the ‘Corporate’ From Your Next Corporate Event


    Company events have a reputation for being predictable, repetitive, and a little dull. Being in charge of corporate event planning isn’t always simple and it can be difficult to keep everyone happy.

    Break the mold. Instead of putting on the usual stuffy corporate event, change things up. Get creative and take the corporate out of your next corporate event by taking inspiration from these six tips below.

    1. Make memories worth sharing.

    The last thing you want is for your delegates to walk out the door and completely forget about the event you worked so hard to organize. Above all, you want your event to be memorable. As a corporate event planner, you want to make sure your attendees are talking about the event for days afterwards.

    Video content is quickly becoming a key medium to satisfy people’s information and entertainment needs. GIF booths will allow you to get animated at your corporate event and is one of the newest trends in the entertainment sphere.

    So wave goodbye to the cliche photo booth and say hello to GIF booths like these:

    • OMbooth: A feature rich, fully brandable, socially connected tool with data capturing tools, OMbooth is a customizable booth that can quickly connect your corporate brand with audiences everywhere.
    • The Bosco: The pioneers of the GIF Booth, The Bosco creates bespoke photo, video, and GIF booth experiences for your event.
    • Big Bad Booth: Creates shareable GIFs without taking up too much space at your event.

    Another great option for making memories at your next corporate event are big creative memory boards that can be used to let delegates share feedback on the event by posting messages, business cards and offers.

    The boards are spaces to get attendees creative juices flowing. By encouraging them to take photos of the finished creations, you provide a memory that’ll last a lifetime. As a corporate event planner you should contribute to the boards yourself, sharing pictures inspirational quotes or reminders of the upcoming events.

    2. Create cozy conference spaces

    Break-out spaces and soft seating may sound simple but it can often be overlooked for an easier option.

    Make a relaxed and comfortable environment for your guests to recharge and reflect.

    Getting rid of rigid corporate seating and introducing soft seating and break out spaces will get your guests relaxing and allow them to share ideas on a smaller scale. Think sofas, bean bags and hammocks alike!

    Show your attendees you’re not stuck in the corporate events dark ages and be tech-savvy by adding USB charging points to your seating to ensure your participants are always fully charged (and ready to engage with your event on social media!)

    3. Focus on food people can eat with their eyes

    Sad finger sandwiches and uninspiring fruit platters no longer satisfy guests at corporate events.

    Consider the food at the event an extension of the event’s hospitality thank your guests for attending by providing them with delicious and interesting food

    Stand out from the crowd and get creative with the catering by opting for interactive food stations around the venue. Let guests pick their favorite combinations by offering customizable food kiosks such as a stir-fry, salad, or sandwich station or a build-your-own burger bar. Whatever it is, making food playful is key.

    You can even celebrate the local food culture of the event’s location. Source local vendors serving up unique dishes to the region. This is great both for local business and for guests feeling like they had an exclusive dining experience.

    4. Get people interacting in easy ways

    Event attendees are no longer resigned to sit through a long day of speakers.

    Instead, attendees want engagement. They want to be inspired and learn something new.

    Get guests interacting with the event by trying out some of the following methods:

    • Crowd polling: Crowd polling is a great real-time interactive process which lets your guests see the results of the polls immediately. You don’t even have to splash out on the dedicated polling equipment as you can now get phone applications that your guests can use instead.
    • Social media: Online social channels provide an easy tool to get guests interacting, create your own hashtag for your corporate event and encourage attendees to use it when tweeting about their day. Display social media feedback on large, visible social media walls so that everyone can see engagement in real-time.
    • Interactive event technology: With virtual and augmented reality becoming increasingly commonplace, explore ways your corporate event can use these exciting technologies to promote new products or experiences.

    5. Book entertainment that fits the crowd

    The idea of corporate event entertainment can instill immediate fear of lack-luster magicians or a stand-up comic that can’t crack a smile in the crowd. Think outside the box.

    If your entertainment is going to keep your guests talking, you’re on the right track.

    Rather than run-of-the-mill entertainment, personalize it for your company. Why not bring in a musician or poet to write a personalized verse specific to your business? Or rather than a typical entertainment act, try creative stations for your attendees to enjoy.

    Let them get hands on with an art-themed challenge which will spark their creative spirit as well as instilling a sense of achievement, really putting to rest the negative corporate event stereotypes.

    6. Pick an uncommon venue

    The fluorescent-lit ballrooms of hotels are no longer the reliable corporate event venue they used to be.

    Spaces transform the way people interact with an event and other guests. Seek out an unexpected venue to spark attendee intrigue.

    If you wanted something hipster and different why not go for a bar that’s in the middle of a roundabout. Alternatively, you could go down the scientific route and choose a space where inspiration is already built. If you’re up to the challenge you could choose a blank canvas venue, leaving the creativity and planning completely in your hands think a warehouse or industrial space.

    Warehouse Four – Dubai

    As these are for corporate events, and not entirely social ones, do keep in mind the practical necessities when selecting a venue. While an intriguing space will certainly spark conversation, you don’t want the conversation to be about the space’s lack of functionality.

    With brands increasingly engaging with audiences, both internal and external, corporate events must shed the connotations of “corporate” and transform themselves into exciting events. By following these guidelines, you can begin to make your corporate events brand-experiences that guests look forward to. Good luck!

    Source: Liv Rafferty

    Liv Rafferty is a Digital Content Executive at HeadBox, the UK’s only SaaS enabled marketplace for creative offsite, meeting and event spaces where you can instantly search, book and pay for venues online.

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