Events industry launch global sustainability principles


Representatives of global events, tourism and sustainability bodies are ushering in the new year with the unprecedented launch of four principles designed to guide and motivate event organisers worldwide to embrace and implement sustainable practices.  

This multi-stakeholder group, convened by the Events Industry Council (EIC) through two forums held during IMEX in both Frankfurt and Las Vegas, agreed the focus of sustainable events would be on shared responsibility for implementation and communication, identification of the basic environmental practices and key social considerations and pathways to support thriving economic practices.

The Principles for Sustainable Events encourage organisations and practitioners to adopt practices that foster collaboration with a simple and powerful message: by working together, event planners and suppliers can support a healthy natural environment, resilient communities and culture, and thriving economies.

“The potential to transform our industry through the wide-spread adoption of sustainable events principles is inspiring. Developed with extensive global input and derived from an examination of industry standards, global sustainability frameworks, and alignment with the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, we are confident these principles will serve to unify the events industry’s commitment to a more sustainable world.” Said Tina Wehmeir, CMP, CAE, Chair of the Events Industry Council board of directors.

The events industry generates over $1 trillion USD in direct spending and 26 million jobs. If measured as a contributor to the GDP, the business events sector would rank as the 22nd largest economy in the world.

“Millions of events take place each year with millions of participants in attendance. Given their volume and visibility, events represent an enormous opportunity to increase sustainability on the ground and to raise awareness among individuals and organisations. Meetings and events are also important tools used by the United Nations System to further the Sustainable Development Goals and the wider Agenda 2030. The Principles for Sustainable Events are concordant with similar work taking place at the UN and can be an initial guide to assist all actors involved in the events industry in accelerating the transformation towards a sustainable, climate-neutral world.” Said Hillary Green, Programme Officer, Sustainable UN Initiative (SUN), UN Environment.

Other stakeholders are strongly encouraged to become part of this global sustainability initiative by joining our launching signatories as an endorser. Please review these groundbreaking principles and join the movement of more than 60 endorsers which include global industry associations, multi-national companies, small and medium-sized enterprises from 13 countries.


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