Expo 2020 Monitoring Coronavirus Situation Closely


Dubai Expo 2020 organisers said they were closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and are hopeful the virus will be under control soon.

A spokesperson said officials are working with the Ministry of Health and Prevention and are following health guidelines.

Thousands of people currently work at the under-construction site, rising to a daily workforce of 35,000 by the launch on October 20 and visitor numbers in the millions.

“The safety and well-being of everyone visiting Expo 2020 Dubai is of paramount importance to us, and we’re working closely with the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention to apply the guidance that they have provided,” a spokesperson said.

“Expo does not open until October this year, and we will continue to follow the situation closely. We are hopeful that global efforts will succeed in managing the virus.”


About 70 per cent of visitors for the Expo are expected to come from outside the UAE for the six-month event billed as ‘The World’s Greatest Show’.

Plans are underway for daily events over 173 days with 192 countries confirming they will participate in the world fair.

Education and health authorities shut down nurseries and kindergartens temporarily across the country from March 1 as a precaution to limit the spread of the virus.

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