Local Dubai Venue Launch ‘Kickass’ Hybrid Livestream Event Solution


    What do two guys with a combined fifty years of television production experience do during the worlds worst economic crisis since the Great Depression? Yup, you guessed it – launch a dedicated live-stream event studio in the heart of Dubai.

    If you’re in the event industry then, chances are, you’ll have come across Warehouse Four. Located in the heart of Dubai, the venue has quickly sealed its reputation as one of the coolest event spaces in Dubai. In a relatively short space of time its attracted a variety of clients, from some of the world’s leading brands to fintech startups to esports events. Now its added another string to its bow.

    “Your content has to be as compelling and engaging as a Netflix mini-series.”

    – Ian Carless

    Utilizing their previous television production experience, (MTV, ESPN etc) Ian Carless Partner at Warehouse Four, together with colleague Ean Thorley (yes, two Ian’s or is that Ean. Nevermind!) recently launched Live from Warehouse Four. Combining high-end television production values with the theatre and immediacy of a live event, their aiming to offer clients the best of both the physical and digital live-stream worlds.

    “You can sit there and scratch your ass as the world seemingly collapses around you. Or you can get off said ass and do something to help you get through it.” Said Ian Carless. “We chose the latter!” He added.

    In fact, it was embracing their previous experience as television producers that lead to the creation of Live from Warehouse Four. With events grinding to a standstill the world over, many brands have turned to video production to fill the gap left by the absence of events. In particular, the rise in popularity of video conferencing platforms like Zoom, highlighted just what was possible through the use of video.

    “It didn’t take long for companies to realise that if they wanted to continue interacting with their clients and customers at scale, then they were going to look for an alternative to big events – at least in the short to mid term. Enter live-streaming.” Said Ean Thorley, former Executive Producer at MTV.

    Warehouse Four live-stream studio

    With a proven track record of creating award winning (branded) content it hasn’t taken long for the duo to attract new clients. Once of the first to come on board was IKEA for the launch of their new catalogue.

    “IKEA was a great client to work with. They totally understood the importance of creating great content. No-one is going to sit through a 30 or 40 minute live-stream event if you’re content is dull as dishwater.” Said Ian Carless. “We’ve been producing live-television shows for years. We understand what audiences are looking for and equally important, how to present it in a format they’ll enjoy. Remember, your content has to be as compelling and engaging as a Netflix mini-series.” He added.

    Live from Warehouse Four team on set for IKEA

    In addition to content production and live-stream capability, they’ve also partnered with Bluefish Event Management to facilitate on-ground audiences and overall event production. The company has been responsible for many high profile consumer product launches, including several for Huawei as well as Nestle, American Eagle, Ford and many others.

    “We’re delighted to partner with the team at Warehouse Four.” Said Annie Thomas, Managing Director, Bluefish Event Management. “We’ve worked with Ian as our video production partner for many of our events over the years. It’s great to be able to support him on this new endeavor.” She added.

    Creative, content production, event management and venue, all in one package. It’s a winning combination.

    If you’d like to know more about ‘Live from Warehouse Four’ please visit their website https://www.warehousefour.com/live-from-warehouse-four

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