Local event industry looks inward for support during Coronavirus crisis


As one of the business communities at the sharp end of the economic fallout due to the Coronavirus, the global events industry is undoubtedly going through one of it’s toughest challenges yet.

So given the scale of the problem, it’s been great to see over the past week or so, many local players in the industry offering help, advice and support, not only to those within the event industry but to the wider community also.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll try to highlight a few examples that caught our eye here at eventnewsdxb, starting with this Instagram/Facebook post from local event solutions agency Event Lab.

Great post guys, keep them coming…


A heartfelt message to our peeps:

First of all, we love and miss you all in these strangest of times.

Things have been rough for the entire world and our industry has taken a swift and blunt hit. We know and feel the stress everyone is under and we know the freelance community is under a particular strain. Nobody knows how long this will last but we have faith it will pass soon. In the meantime, we are writing this to share some recommendations that hopefully can help you get through this period.

– Be safe: Don’t take this lightly. Viruses spread and you need to take every precaution to make sure that you are not another carrier. The advice is everywhere and we don’t need to repeat it: follow the right sources and be responsible for yourself, your family / friends, and the rest of the world. And yes we’re practicing social distancing – despite having a brand new office waiting for us we’re all working from home, it’s a lonely but the responsible decision. Do not underestimate the importance of compliance.

– Plan what’s next: Focus on gigs in the future. We’re talking to clients about events taking place post-summer. There is work in pre-planning and there’s a world Expo coming up soon with countless prospects! Focus, really update that CV, share it with us, and be positive.

– Cashflow: Cash is king and everyone is in the same boat. We recommend the following: Irrespective of whether or not you are expecting a payment try to put off as many payments as possible. Negotiate with your landlord, talk to your bank about the loan payments, cut unnecessary costs (small and big), focus on the necessities, buy nothing you don’t absolutely need (you don’t need 100 rolls of toilet paper and 50 masks).

– Upgrade: There’s no better time than now. Learn AutoCAD, SketchUp, Microsoft Projects, PROCIM, a new language, or anything that may develop you as a professional. There are many websites that are cheap as chips like www.udemy.com or https://www.coursera.org/.

– Refresh, Regroup, and Regain: You’re not busy at the moment! You dreamt about this when you were swamped – now milk it! Get in shape, get healthy, do a spring cleaning of your house, work on that side project you’ve put on hold, spend time with your family. Turn this negative into a positive and come out upgraded.

– Be Positive and Creative: This will pass and the best thing you can do for your own well-being is to remain calm, cool, smart, and positive. Time passes slower when we’re fixated and stressed. Unravel and let it fly by. Think rationally – how can I get through this? What can I do to make an income? There must be something! Check out www.freelancer.com, www.upwork.com, and other similar sites for some ideas. Tutor kids online?

The present seems bleak for now, but the future is bright – this is temporary. We will get through it together.

Much love from the Event Lab team.

About Event Lab: 

Event Lab is UAE based event solutions agency founded in 2013 by Murad Shisha and Nadim Jamal.

For more information visit https://www.eventlab.me

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