New pop-up cinema hoping to put the ‘magic’ back into movie going.

Film@Four - Warehouse Four

By its very nature, the popularity and critical acclaim of a movie must be subjective and as with any other form of classical or modern art, literature and music, there are loves and hates. But as a genre, cinema has played an enormous – and influential – role in our perception of the world around us and society in general.

Reflecting our love of movies we often refer to them in terms of precious metals; the silver screen; the golden age of Hollywood; and of course, the original platinum blonde, Marilyn Monroe. But are today’s producers giving us tin rather than titanium (used in the manufacture of some of the best loved film cameras, by the way)?

There is no doubt that special effects and CGI massively extend the scope of cinema but at what cost? Have we succumbed to a formula whereby we go to our local multiplex, order our masala popcorn and extra salsa nachos and marvel – literally – at the latest advances in 3D comics? As Jackie Chan, awarded an Honorary Oscar for his “extraordinary achievements”, once said: “Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality.”

For many, cinema has also lost its charm as a social occasion, where the movie maybe the main event, but the community element is missing.

In order to help re-establish that spirit, Warehouse Four, the stylish event venue in Umm Sequim, is hosting a series of pop-up cinema screenings under the banner of Film@Four, with a touch of nostalgia in terms of set-up and content. From Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption to American Werewolf in London and The Breakfast Club, it will be a trip down memory lane for some, and for others an introduction to see what all the fuss was about with these classic hits.

Added to the mix will be some of the very best modern and classic documentaries, including Blackfish, Citizen Four, Cowspiracy, Amy and Senna. And to round off a real taste of true cinema from the past, there’s plans to host a Saturday matinee show, bringing the cinema going experience to the younger kids.

London’s world famous (and infamous) Prince Charles Cinema in the West End has been entertaining along the same lines for nearly 30 years to fans of cult and art-house movies and lovers of the blockbusters that continue to stand the test of time. Recent billing has included a range that spans from Home Alone to Die Hard and of course everyone’s favorite Christmas tear-jerker, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Film@Four | Warehouse Four

The design at the Film@Four venue is also very much in the same vein as the Prince Charles Cinema, with the old-school layout of individual, authentic comfy cinema seats with plenty of personal space rather than the impersonal pre-fab rows for mass audiences. And with seating of up to 80, Warehouse Four is far from boutique, instead offering the experience as well as the event.

There will always be a place for the multiplexes of this world and they will continue to be the cash cows for the movie industry (although there were 30 million fewer film-goers across Europe last year than in 2004), but independent cinema is thriving. With the launch of Dubai’s latest indie movie venue, Film@Four could help lead the way to a love of the moving picture past.

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