The Affect of Covid-19 on Creative Arts Performers in the UAE Report


In March 2020 our world literally imploded over the space of a very short few days as the coronavirus outbreak in China was declared a global pandemic that had reached the shores of many countries across the globe.

As an international hub, it was evident from the onset that the UAE would not be immune to the challenges that this new virus had presented.

Dan Bolton, Owner and founder Dan Bolton Creative Management Agency

For an industry that lives to bring people together through enjoyment and experiences, live events and entertainment were put on hold as the world entered a collective hiatus and locked down.

The creative industries have arguably been one of the hardest hit throughout the global pandemic and world wide economic fallout that has ensued. As one of the first industries to shut down we will certainly be one of the last to re-open as is evident in government policies to maintain elements of social distancing and the banning of gatherings to control the spread of the virus.

Eventually, as we are seeing across the world, some of these restrictions will be lifted and we will enter the period that many like to phrase “The new normal”. But what is the new normal? What does it mean? As an industry we need to define, in supporting local entities and the efforts to combat COVID 19, what this new normal is.

As a leading agency that rightfully wants to see people safely enjoying live entertainment and experiences again, we have conducted a survey to fully understand what the impact and ramifications are towards the creative performance industries and what steps we need to be taking to support performance artists, clients, brands and audiences in getting back to doing what we love sooner rather than later and with confidence.

The results of this survey provide us with the tangible data to be able to make informed decisions on how we as an industry can define our return to performing again whilst working alongside government, professional health and safety entities, venues and the artists themselves to support the rebuilding of the local, regional and international economy.

With the wellbeing of all cast, crew and audiences at the heart of our planning alongside a desire to play a leading role in re-establishing the UAE as an international destination for live events, entertainment and experiences we step up to tackle the challenges ahead as we do all that we can to restart our great industry, eventually bringing people back together again whilst supporting locally based artistic talent.


Dan Bolton, Owner and founder Dan Bolton Creative Management Agency

Owner and Founder BE, An Experiential agency

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