Three Campaigns To Save UK Events Industry Combine Forces


Three campaigns to save the UK events industry have aligned in the hope that co-ordinating their efforts will amplify their message.

The organisations behind #WeMakeEvents, #LetTheMusicPlay and #WeCreateExperiences have combined using the tagline “One industry one voice” and are encouraging other campaigns to get in touch.

The three campaigns represent different communities within the UK events industry, including individuals with a diverse range of creative and technical skills, venues, suppliers and infrastructure.

A newly created task force will co-ordinate closely on campaign dates, share and agree on data and statistics, align closely on key industry proposals for the government and promote each other’s activities.

On the task force is the Business Visits and Events Partnerships, which represents the conference, exhibition and outdoor events sector; UK Live Music Group, which represents the live music industry; and events and entertainment technology trade association Professional Lighting and Sound Association.

PLASA started its #WeMakeEvents campaign in May and is calling for government support for the events sector and championing the people who make up the industry. It hosted a night of action on 11 August in London and a global action day on 30 September.

Talking about the progress of the campaign, Peter Heath, managing director at PLASA, said: “We are immensely proud of how this has galvanised into over 22 trade bodies, along with thousands of industry professionals from over 28 countries, all working together voluntarily to create awareness of the whole events supply chain and the urgent need for financial support.

“The alignment of the major hashtags allows us all to communicate more, maximise our efforts and streamline our voice to government.”

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