Top emerging technology summit to make Dubai debut

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis - Abundance 360

Abundance 360 (A360) Summit explores advances in exponential technology.

Ever heard of exponential technology?

You might soon as the ‘Davos for Exponential Tech’ makes its Middle East debut this year in Dubai.

The Abundance 360 (A360) Summit will take place from March 26th to the 27th, a partnership between Dubai Future Foundation and Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, executive founder of Singularity University and the founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation.

“I am incredibly excited to bring Abundance 360 to the United Arab Emirates, a country that is pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. Bringing the summit to Dubai reflects my passion and mission to help entrepreneurs in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa understand the impact of exponential technologies, and to give the region’s leaders a hands-on experience of the rate of change that is going on in their region and the world,” said Peter Diamandis’ when the A360 Summit Dubai was first announced.

Abundance 360

The two-day event kicks off a one-year program for entrepreneurs, C-level executives and government leaders that showcases some of the most exciting developments in disruptive technology today ranging from machine learning to robotics, virtual reality and blockchain, showcasing how these and other emerging technologies will impact business and the world in the next one to three years.

The longevity session at the event will be led by Dr. Robert (Bob) Hariri, founder, chairman and CEO of Celularity, a pioneer in the field of biomedicine where his discoveries and contributions to the study of stem cells and tissue engineering have been instrumental to the development of stem cell therapies.

Joining Hariri on the panel for this session will be Cevdet Samikoglu, CFO of Samumed, a biotech research startup for regenerative medicine.

“The human lifespan is a great way to contextualize progress. This is why longevity-related technologies are a regular discussion topic at A360, backed with the latest data and research. We’re so excited to bring to the region these longevity-related industry stalwarts, each exploring different mechanisms and delving deeper into the transformative implications of dramatically extending the human health span,” said Aman Merchant, chief disruptor at d’labs, A360’s exclusive partner in the MENA region.

Also attending are Avi Reichental, the founder and CEO of XponentialWorks and Philip Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity.

“From launching Second Life in 2003 to his new project High Fidelity, Philip Rosedale has always had one clear vision of the future of virtual reality – total immersion in new sights, scenes, and events. Over at Xponential Works, Avi Reichental is helping to imagine a future where 3D scanning-and-printing is an everyday act — where food, clothing and objects are routinely output at home. We are delighted to be bringing these visionaries to the region for the first time ever,” added Merchant.

Both Avi and Philip will be sharing their insights and expertise during the Future of Tourism/Hospitality/Retail Sessions.

“Partnering with Abundance 360 (A360) comes as Dubai Future Foundation continues to work on exploring ways to bring the future, along with all the potential benefits, to today’s world. Our role as a Foundation has always been rooted in innovation, and exploration, of the potentials and possibilities of emerging and new technologies in serving humanity today. We are also working to positively impact the culture around us to support risk-taking and entrepreneurship, for it’s our firm belief that human ingenuity is key to delivering on the future,” said Abdulaziz Al Jaziri, deputy CEO of Dubai Future Foundation.

Also lending support to the summit are Endeavor, Peak State Ventures and Mad Talks.

Source: Network Middle East

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