Virtual Events: UAE Based ‘Three Monkeys’ Offer New Approach


From adversity often comes opportunity. With the event industry in limbo due to the global lockdown, the need for innovation and alternative communication approaches is needed more than ever.

To answer this growing need, Dubai based Three Monkeys Creative Consulting has developed a new virtual event offering, which allows organizations, businesses and authorities to keep their marketing and information channels open and interact with their target audience.

Like most virtual events, the concept allows all participants to take part from their home or office. The approach makes use of a number of existing technologies and combines them into a package that allows event agencies to fulfill their role as communication partners for their clients, even in difficult times.

The core element of the concept is the virtual set, a space that does not have any physical, technical or budgetary restrictions. This space can be used to recreate a set as we know it or to bring something to life that is experimental, creative and impossible in the real world. Not only does the technology give you this freedom, it also allows you to change the virtual set at the push of a button. Themes, topics and segments transition fluidly and in real time.

In this environment, Three Monkeys can control an unlimited number of cameras and views that allow a much more engaging and visually appealing approach over conventional video conferencing applications such as Zoom.

Host, guests, panelist’s and speakers are brought in via Skype TX calls in broadcast quality. Incoming feeds are then integrated into the virtual stage or set. Agency and production tech team members can control all aspects of the event from their workstations or laptops, all whilst sitting at home or in their office.

The composited signal will be sent out to any of the major platforms, from YouTube to social media pages, portals, event apps, etc. All regular channels can be utilized. On most of these platforms, additional elements can also be added to the communication such as voting, polling, etc.

No price details have been released yet but given the huge rise in virtual meetings, it’s likely that many companies will continue to explore alternative communication options that are engaging, exciting and equally cost effective.

About: Three Monkeys were founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2008 and operate out of Dubai, Boston and San Francisco.

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