Watch: Virtual Panel on Overcoming COVID-19 for the Event Industry


As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across most of the world, the event industry has been left to count the huge economic effect of the shutdown.

To help shine some light onto the murky waters ahead, three event industry professionals from around the globe recently took part in an online panel discussion to talk about the global health crisis and what they think event professionals will need to do in the coming weeks and months.

The panel includes J.B. Miller – Founder & CEO, Empire (New York); Chloe Reuter – Founding Partner, Reuter Communications (HK & Shanghai), and Silvia Negri Firman – Founder, NegriFirman PR & Communications (Milan).

The panel was co-hosted by David Becker (Co-Founder & CEO, zkipster) and David Adler (Founder, BizBash).

It’s free to watch.

Editors note: It’s a slow start but things pick up around the 34.15 mark with the introduction of J.B. Miller.

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